donderdag 1 mei 2014

Flip the Classroom using Bb

Presenter: Dan Hewes (Solution Engeneer Bb)

What is the Flipped Classroom (not)
It is Not: all about videos and watching them for homework, a replacement for the teacher, a one size fits all approach.
It is: a way to increase interaction with your students, a path to personalized learning for students, an environment where students become responsible for their learning, a way to teach students to become better learners ... It brings the interactive work into the classroom and it brings gathering the knowledge outside the classroom ... It's in fact rearranging the activities we do inside and outside the classroom.

How can you flip your classroom

At home: 
- review the examples
- watch the video
- prepare questions for the teacher 
- in fact all activities students can do by themselves (supported with given material and tools)

In the classroom:
- address common problems
- discuss the material and questions
- facilitate group discussion
- test the student understanding 
- in fact all activities where their peers and teachers have a function and add value.

What does a Flipped Class look like 

Was lastig om hier bruikbare aantekeningen van te maken.

Using Bb learn works flipping the classroom ... but ... Bb collaborate is a very strong environment to use flipping the classroom ... 

Hadden als groepje leuk voorbeeld uitgewerkt over het trainen van docenten in het (geavanceerd) toepassen van Bb (in a Flipped Classroom setting).

woensdag 30 april 2014

Transforming science higher education into active, bended and online learning USB Blackboard

Die toepassingen door Aarhus University van hun STREAM learning design model.

Het model:

Ze passen dit model op drie niveaus toe:


Lessons Learned:

Uiteindelijk gerealiseerd dus:

Voor ons absoluut bruikbaar. Toe gaan passen in het Teachng Lab.

Dit is wat mij betreft ook de manier waarop ViA zou moeten werken !!!