maandag 15 december 2008

2008 NMC Summer Conference Proceedings

Cover of 2008 NMC Conference Proceedings The 2008 NMC Conference Proceedings features ten papers including case studies; a tutorial; introductions to current topics such as storytelling, digital media, and fair use; descriptions of special services, tools, and information technology support programs developed at member schools; and discussions of new media and pedagogy. The topics were ones nominated by attendees at the 2008 NMC Summer Conference held in June at Princeton University.

Download Individual Chapters:

Digital Storytelling: An Alternative Instructional Approach
Ruben R. Puentedura, Hippasus

Digital Storytelling: Old Ways, New Tools
Laurie Burruss, Pasadena City College

The Adding Machine: Remote Digital Storytelling and Performance
George Brown and James Ferolo, Bradley University

Building and Supporting a Large-Institution Digital Media Service
Chris Millet, The Pennsylvania State University

DAM if You Do! BlueStream Digital Asset Management Infrastructure
Louis E. King, The University of Michigan

A Call for the Corporeal ‘cause Pixels Are Ephemeral and Archeologists Won’t Find Them
Jared Bendis, Case Western Reserve University

Infrastructures in Virtual Learning
Holly Willis, University of Southern California

Learning 2.0: Who’s in Control Now?
Wendy Shapiro and Lev Gonick, Case Western Reserve University

Why Walk When You Can Fly? Reflections from an Advanced Second Life Preconference Session
Christopher Holden and Beth Sachtjen, NMC Virtual Worlds

Fair Use Ain’t What You Think It Is: Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Classroom
Mark J. Davis, Tulane University, CERT, and Loyola University

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