dinsdag 24 juni 2008

“Anti-teaching: Confronting the Crisis of Significance”

"The most significant problem with education today is the problem of significance itself. Students – our most important critics – are struggling to find meaning and significance in their education. I teach at a large public university in the United States, and I see the significance problem all around me."

Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Kansas State Uni

Here is a great article that hits the nail on the head...

Click here for the pdf.

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Eky Fioole zei

Hi Brian,

You would have been so happy to be able to visit the Kaos Pilots. I am quite convinced that students don't want to be taught. They want to be challenged!! The video that is referred to is the video we used in one of the eLearning sessions earlier this year. It tells us about students who aren't engaged anymore. Isn't that what it's really about???
You can find out more on the Kaos Pilots and their pedagogy on my Picasa Webalbum about Eunis 2008 (http://picasaweb.google.nl/eyfioole/EunisAarhus2008) or on the picture that says those 4 words: simple, professional, fun, surplus.

Brian P. Godor zei

You got that right, but why then do we have so many people that want to be teachers here and not educators? Just look at the response in the Punt and that makes the point, but it also makes me want to cry,,,that is the reality that we need to work in...lots of werk aan de winkel...