vrijdag 20 juni 2008

Best Practices Forum: A Good Solid Start

The Best Practices Forum started yesterday with a turnout that was much more than expected! The posters only arrived two days before hand and the pop-up only worked for 50 of AVANS employees. DIF ran the pop-up for one more day (thanks), but that also was on the day of the event!

Johan Pape from AM, Den Bosch represented the academy involved in this project.

Of Course there was plenty to eat and the discussion was not at all slowed down. While there was strong opinions for and against the topic, however; the exchange of ideas lead to a good overview for all to see the pro's and con's of Facebook and its role in education. Click here to see the article in the PUNT.

A big thanks goes to the following people: Christel Vuister; all those puntjes op de "e"s, Great Job, Johan of course for his volunteerism, The elads for their ideas and support and DMCS/DIF for the help with communications!

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Eky Fioole zei

Hi Brian,

Nice report. Did you get some responses yet on your link on the LIC community? This week I'm really looking forward to one of the keynotes of Eunis 2008: Sugata Mitra. He not only has a great story but a wonderful presentation as well. Almost bought a Barack Obama book today, but then I'm still a Hillary person.