maandag 20 oktober 2008

Giving a new meaning to social for the classroom...

smc_logo.png Once upon a time it was frowned upon to be "social" in the classroom. Be quiet and let your prof do the talking... stop chatting! Pay attention! While these guidelines generally still apply, the world of the classroom is changing as we all know, and fairly quickly. In response to this, social technology guru Howard Rheingold has launched the Social Media Classroom, a free service that incorporates the range of social, web 2.0 technologies and packages them for use in the classroom. Based on the robust Drupal CMS platform, this new service may be of great value to faculty, staff and administrators looking to jump into the fray by opening up their classrooms to these tools. The ReadWriteWeb has a nice comprehensive look at the new service and ideas behind it. Now class... start talking!

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