donderdag 12 juli 2012

exceptional student engagement

Student comments: she used many different ways to get us involved. It had a feel of being in a classroom, even though this was an online course. It was fun .... 

Let's find out what she is doing right!

1) created a interactive syllabus:
By adding media and video components into the course to keep the students engaged.
She created an interactive syllabus! 
She used with which she turned her syllabus in an animated flipbook.

2) Uses class polls using for instance:

3) Use count down timers
- as a quick visual reminder

4) uses videos from you-tube
hiermee kun je you-tube dimples gebruiken zonder alle rim ram eromheen.
Post the video's in cours content/lessons

5) ad videos - screen captures
- Use to clarify a procedure or process
- Use to inform on assignments and assessments (what to aspect and to do)

6) use whiteboards

7) ad comics
- Use
- Offered extra credit assignments to students who created usefull cartoons 

8) ad foto's asssingments
- Let the students make foto's of 'bad signs' for extra credits
(was a course on business English)

9) audio announcements
- (will generate voice-tekst transcription)

10) and of course voki to create a virtual me! 

En misschien wel het belangrijkste: ze geeft veel feed-back !! Zowel als de studenten dingen goed doen, als wanneer ze iets fout doen/beter anders doen.

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Rudi Clause zei

Heel bruikbare tips voor het maken van interactief lesmateriaal. Dank je wel.