donderdag 4 december 2008

The crisis of significance and the future of educarion

De 2e keynote van vandaag Michael Wesch van Kansas State. Cultureel antropoloog en onderzoeker naar nieuwe media en menselijke interactie.
Ok Brian, just for you, the highligths of his presentation. Changing the ways we approach information. From knowledgable towards being knowledge able. The 1 million dollar story on 30 seconds advertising during the Superbowl.

- user generated content --> user generated filtering (tagging, bookmarking) --> user generated organization (iGoogle page)--> user generated distribution competing with old ways of distribution (tv)
- backflash to 1989: you're not going to turn passive consumers into active users....
- videos on you tube are mostly meant for a limited number of people to view

Now there are over 133 million blogs (blogs only started in 2003) --> user generated commentary (technorati website) --> user generated ratings (Twitter) but also integration of new media with old media.

Information revolution but even more a social revolution (rethinking copyrights)

Lessons from Papua New Guinea:
Summer research in villages without electricity and therefore no internet. Fear of snakes??? Not knowing the language and experiencing lots of cultural differences made him realize how important the role is that media play in our identity. Media are not just tools, or means of communications but they mediate relationships.
How fast are media changing --> no longer we have mass audiences.
Network (participation) vs hierarchy (foto)

Reference to Marshall McLuhan: teaching hasn't changed, but learning has!
Example of the classroom
From the idea that learning is to acquire information and that is hard to find, trust authority for good information, authorized information is beyond discussion, obey the authority and follow along --> the questions they're asking are about limits to learning (how many credits do I get) --> the crisis of significance.
Learning is to create meaningful connections!!!! How to do this?.

The question is the solution

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